3 Reasons to Love Ceiling Fans This Summer

At Solent, we love ceiling fans so much because we know that they do so much more than just keep you cool in the summertime. There are actually several benefits of ceiling fans in summer that do more than keeping you cool.

3 Benefits of Ceiling Fans in Summer

If you are an individual who struggles with a variety of issues in the summer, you need to invest in a ceiling fan today. Keeping reading our blog as we reveal 3 of the additional benefits you will experience from having a fan this summer.

Reason to Love Ceiling Fans #1: Ceiling Fans Are More Cost-Effective Than Air-conditioners

If you battle with the summer heat but don’t want to splurge on an air-conditioner, then a fan is your best bet. The great thing about fans is that they use less energy than your AC, you can leave them on for most of the day and your electricity bill will be a fraction of the cost than if you were to do that with an airconditioning unit. If you are trying to save energy and keep your electricity bill low, then a ceiling fan is for you.

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Reason to Love Ceiling Fans #2: Ceiling Fans Can Be Used Outside

If you have a verandah or balcony that you spend a lot of time on in the summer, you may find that you struggle on those summer days when there is not a breath of wind. Unlike aircon, ceiling fans can be installed outside too. Therefore, you can create a gentle summer breeze in your outside area, no matter the weather.

Reason to Love Ceiling Fans #3: Ceiling Fans Repel Mosquitos

Arguably, the worst part about summer is the mosquitos and other flying insects. The sweating and overheating are made worse by the constant bites and buzzing. Ceiling fans act as a natural repellent against flying insects, as the breeze prevents them from flying in the area; what a win!

Find Your Perfect Summer Ceiling Fan from Solent Today

If you are in the market for a ceiling fan this summer, look no further than Solent. With a variety of fan brand options, installation and repair, Solent is your one-stop fan shop. Contact us today for a quote or with any additional questions or queries, we will be happy to help.

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