4 Questions About Ceiling Fans You Never Thought to Ask

There are so many benefits of having a ceiling fan in your home. Most people simply think of the machine that makes them cool on sweltering summer days, however, there are so many functions of ceiling fans that are unknown by most. We have compiled 4 facts about ceiling fans in questions that you never thought to ask.

White Bedroom with white ceiling fan

Questions You Need to Ask About Your Ceiling Fans

Here are 4 questions and answers about ceiling fans that will have you racing to get fans installed in your home today.

1. Do Ceiling Fans Really Reduce the Temperature?

The short answer is no, ceiling fans do not reduce the temperature in a room. However, they make you feel cooler by circulating a breeze around the room. If you are simply looking at making a room more comfortable by circulating air and reducing stuffiness, then a ceiling fan will easily solve that problem.

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2. Does the Amount of Blades Matter?

Ceiling fans can hold 2-8 blades, yet most people opt for 4-5. You may think that the number of blades on a ceiling fan determine how strong and how fast air is circulated. However, the number of blades doesn’t play a role at all; it is actually the opposite. The less blades a fan has, the faster it can operate as their will be a lesser load on the mechanism.

3. Can You Put a Ceiling Fan Outside?

You can absolutely put a ceiling fan in an outside area of your home. Outside fans work great on covered verandahs and outside entertainment areas as they circulate the area and can create a gentle breeze even on the hottest nights.

4. Can I Use My Ceiling Fan in the Winter?

In the chilly months, warm air rises and accumulates at the ceiling. You can easily change the direction of your ceiling fan to collect that warm air and send it back down.

Get Your Ceiling Fan from Solent Today

Now that you know just how beneficial ceiling fans can be, it is time to get some installed in your home and offices. Find your ideal ceiling fan at Solent today and have one of our professionals install it for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

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