5 Hacks on How to Save Energy Using Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great additions to any home looking to improve the heating and cooling system and save money. At Solent, we have a great range for every purpose.

Ceiling fan in a home

How to Save Energy Using a Ceiling Fan

Below are some top hacks on how a ceiling fan can improve your home savings. See our blog for more money-saving tips and ceiling fan advice.

Hack #1: Use Your Fan to Warm Your Room

Ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer months to keep you cool. You can reduce your heating bills by using a ceiling fan to circulate warm air around a room in a better way. Due to the fact that warm air rises, your ceiling fan will be perfectly placed to disperse the warm air more thoroughly around your room.

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Hack #2: Use Your Fan to Cool a Room

Switch on your fan to better circulate cool air around the room and keep you comfortable during hotter months. By installing the right ceiling fan to better circulate cool air, you can save money by avoiding alternative air conditioning products, which would cost a lot of money to run in comparison.

Hack #3:Use Energy-Efficient Fans

Have the most energy-efficient model installed to make sure that the running of it doesn’t cost more than it needs to.

Hack #4: Turn Your Fan to Its Lowest Setting When Needed

If you just need a general circulation improvement, even a low setting will do a great job, and you won’t need to use more power to run the highest setting.

Hack #5: Make Sure to Turn Your Fan Off When It’s Not Needed

To make sure you’re not paying for the running of your ceiling fan when you’re not home or when you’re not using a room, get into a good routine of switching off your fan when it’s not needed.

Save Money Today with a Solent Ceiling Fan

Browse our great range of ceiling fans and improve your home savings this summer. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.

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