5 Items That Dramatically Revamp Your Bedroom Design

If you are wanting to give you bedroom a revamp but don’t have the time (or budget) to make big changes, Solent is here to help. Fortunately, there are so many simple items that you can add for an instant revamp of your bedroom design. Something as simple as a ceiling fan can change the overall appearance, which is why we are sharing 5 items that will change your bedrooms interior.

Minimalistic bedroom with indoor plants and Solent ceiling fan

5 Items That Will Revamp Your Bedroom in a Flash

Here are just 5 simple items that you can add to your room to change up your bedroom design.

1. Change Up the Lighting

You’d be surprised what a few additional layers of light can do for a room. By adding a few floor and desk lamps, lighting will accentuate different areas of your room. You can go one step further by installing a statement chandelier or pendant light.

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2. Purchase a Headboard

Headboards are a great way to change the overall appearance of a bedroom as they act as a statement (and comfort) piece. By adding a headboard, you can add a whole new element to your room, making it more classic, with a romantic metal design or modern, with upholstered covering.

3. Create a Gallery Wall

Nothing gives a room a whole new look than a well laid-out gallery wall. Select your favourite pictures and place them strategically on a blank wall to instantly uplift the room. If you really want to get creative, try selecting pictures that match your bedroom’s aesthetic.

4. Change Up Your Curtains or Blinds

Any room can be instantly uplifted by doing away with old faded curtains and tired blinds and replacing them with something fresh and new. Consider changing from curtains to blinds for a more modern look or find a new colour or pattern that is different from what you are used to.

5. Install a Ceiling Fan

Adding a ceiling fan has a greater impact than most realize. Having that extra element in your room serves as a focal point for many when entering. The style of your fan should be carefully selected to suit the design of your bedroom. Browse our range of ceiling fans here.

Revamp Your Bedroom by Purchasing a Solent Fan Today

If you are looking to install a fan in your home or office, Solent are here to assist you in making the best purchase possible. From servicing the old to guiding you on purchasing the new, our expert staff can help you find just what you’re looking for. Contact us directly with any questions or queries.

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