5 Reasons to Love Ceiling Fans in the Summertime

Summer is fast-approaching and whilst we love the warmer weather, we are dreading the long, humid nights that keep us awake! Luckily, there are so many benefits of ceiling fans in the summertime that will help you cope with the heat and remain comfortable throughout the season.

5 Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan in Summer

Ceiling fans can do more than just keep you cool in the summertime. Here are 5 benefits of using your ceiling fan in summer.

1. They Cool You Down – Duh!

The first one is the most obvious reason you will want to have a ceiling fan in your home during the hot summer months. Sleep peacefully through the long, humid nights with a gentle breeze cooling you from above. Change your fan to rotate anti-clockwise for cool air, as opposed to clockwise to warm the air. This anti-clockwise rotation creates a gentle breeze in your room and collects the hot air and drags it upwards.

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2. Ceiling Fans Save Energy and Money

During the summer, your electricity costs may be 40% higher due to the constant use of your air-conditioner. By switching from your AC to using your fan, you are saving energy and money. It is also cheaper to purchase a ceiling fan, rather than an AC and the repair fees are significantly lower. You don’t need to feel guilty for leaving your fan on throughout the day, as you are still using less electricity than you would with an AC.

3. They Repel Mosquitos

One of the worst things about summer is the constant buzz of mosquitos flying past your ear in the dark. These pests seem to have become immune to insect repellents and can make for an extremely long, uncomfortable night. Luckily, ceiling fans are an easy fix to prevent this from happening. Mosquitos are weak flyers, therefore the gentle breeze from the fan prevents them from flying around all night. Another reason mosquitos are only present in summer is because they enjoy the heat. Keep your room cool in order to keep mosquitos away.

4. Fans Vanquish Humidity

If you are only hearing about this now, you have been struggling through humid summers for your whole life. Having a gentle breeze through a room will remove the moisture in the air and therefore continue to circulate air that is drier and more comfortable.

5. They Help you Sleep Better

Due to being cooler and being able to breathe better due to air being circulated around the room, ceiling fans have been proved to help you sleep better. Fans also create white noise, which are soothing noises known to help lull you off to sleep faster than complete silence.

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