5 Ways Ceiling Fans and Aircons Can Work Together

Ceiling fans and aircons have long been viewed as competitors in the cooling solutions industry, but would you believe that the two actually work more effectively and efficiently when used in conjunction? To increase the cooling of your home or premises and decrease your electricity bill every month, we have found these five ways ceiling fans and aircons can work together.

A Ceiling Fan in An Outdoor Lounge

1: Use a Ceiling Fan when It’s Not Too Hot

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to switch your aircon on. Aircons are vastly more power-hungry than ceiling fans, so to use one on a mildly warm day is frankly a waste. Instead, you can use ceiling fans to circulate cooler air and keep you feeling fresh all day. Switching on the aircon is more of a habit than anything else, and its one that you should try to break.

2: Aircon For an Hour, Then Use Fan

This tip is great for bedtime! Summer nights can be just as stifling as the days, and aircon is necessary to keep you cool and comfortable. However, to keep the aircon on blast all night is a bit excessive, and more than a little expensive. Instead, put the aircon on for approximately an hour to cool the air right down, at this point the room’s insulation will be keeping the cool air inside. Now you can turn the aircon off and switch on the ceiling fan to continue circulating the cooled air. This is a best-of-both-worlds situation where you stay cool and so does your electricity bill

3: Use Ceiling Fan to Spread Cooled Air

This tip is useful for larger spaces that a single aircon can’t cool effectively on its own. Whilst it may not be feasible to install multiple aircons in a large room, it is reasonable to have a ceiling fan and an aircon together. In this case, switch both on and let the ceiling fan circulate the cool air over and above the range of the AC. This solution stops you from cranking the aircon to obnoxious heights, and saves power in the process.

4: Use Aircon and Ceiling Fans Simultaneously

This tip works anywhere, anytime! You can run the aircon and the ceiling fan simultaneously to keep you super cool. The chill breeze effect of the fan tricks the brain into thinking you are cooler than it is, and that coupled with a slightly higher AC temperature than you would typically choose result in a perfect cooling solution. The slightly warmer aircon will save you a few bucks and you will still feel super comfortable.

5: Remove Hot Air with Ceiling Fan First

The insulation of your room can sometimes work against you, as it traps the hot air inside on a summer’s day. Rather than switching the aircon on and forcing it to cool the hot, stuffy air trapped in the room, consider opening the windows and switching on a ceiling fan first to blow the hot air out. When the room is significantly cooler, you can shut the windows and revert to aircon. Presto, you are cool and energy conscious!

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