7 Ceiling Fan Myths, Debunked

Ceiling fans seem to have a couple myths floating around about them, and we want to debunk some of these unfair statements! Ceiling fans have been around for ages, but do you know everything you need to about this trusty appliance? Take a look at the seven ceiling fan myths below and allow us to debunk them for you…

Myth #1: Ceiling Fans Can Cut Off Appendages

Our tall friends can breathe a sigh of relief, because this myth is absolutely untrue. The blades of a ceiling fan may seem intimidating whirling around at speed, but they are physically incapable of cutting off an appendage. Even metal blades are not ideal for chopping, thank goodness. Your fingers may not be too happy though!

Myth #2: Ceiling Fans Are Only Useful in Summer

Ceiling fans can in fact be useful during the cooler months! Turning your fan clockwise will allow for more air circulation and will keep the warmer air from rising completely to the ceiling. This makes your room feel warmer than if the fan was turned off. You can save energy by using fewer heaters in conjunction with this trick.

Learn more about ceiling fan direction, here.

Ceiling fans actually don’t cool down rooms, but rather cool down people. Ceiling fans produce what is known as a wind chill effect, which has to do with our perception of temperature rather than the actual room temperature. The wind chill effect of a ceiling fan can make you feel up to eight degrees cooler than the room temperature.

Myth #4: Ceiling Fans Are Always Unattractive

Consider this myth busted: ceiling fans are not just functional appliances, but they can be stylish accessories as well! The choice is yours entirely. Say goodbye to ugly old-fashioned ceiling fans and say hello to our modern selection of cooling solutions.

Myth #5: Ceiling Fans Keep Insects at Bay

This one is actually true! Insects struggle to fly against strong breezes, much like that which a ceiling fan creates. Flies and mosquitoes are kept well out of your way with a ceiling fan turned on nearby, so you can sleep soundly with your windows open.

Myth #6: Old Fans Use More Energy

Wrong! Ceiling fans of all ages are very energy efficient, although it is true that newer appliances work a lot better and more reliably. Studies have shown that the average ceiling fan uses the same amount of electricity per hour as a standard lightbulb! Sustainable energy advocates should opt for ceiling fans over air conditioners or use them together like this.

Myth #7: Ceiling Fans Come One-Size-Fits-All

You can actually find a ceiling fan that suits all of your needs: aesthetic, functional, energy requirements and more! Take a look at our selection of ceiling fans, and those on sale, to find the fan that works for you.

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