7 Unexpected Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just a traditional cooling solution, they are versatile and multi-functional appliances that can transform your living space. To help convince you, we at Solent Trading have put together this blog describing 7 unexpected benefits of ceiling fans, and how you can incorporate one into your home.

Neutral Modern Living Room

1: Low Energy Consumption

Did you know that ceiling fans use approximately the same amount of electricity per hour as the average lightbulb? Ceiling fans consumer thousands of times less electricity than air-conditioners and heaters, therefore allow you to enjoy some cool air, guilt free!

Ceiling fans are ideal for running on a budget, and for being more eco-conscious. These cooling solutions are kinder to the planet, therefore more sustainable to operate in the long run.

2: Beautiful Accessory Appliance

The ceiling fan is also perfect for adding a little bit of function and style to your space, to enhance your existing design features whilst providing a service to your inhabitants. Ceiling fans come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and materials to suit any living space, from modern to industrial to rustic!

You can browse our collection of ceiling fans to see which you think would best suit your space, and accent your existing design beautifully.

3: Added Illumination

Ceiling fans come both with and without lights, and what better way to introduce a little extra illumination to your living space than by incorporating it into your ceiling fan? Ceiling fans with lights included cast a warm and welcoming glow over the room, allowing you to customise the lighting solutions you use. Supplement decorative lamps and standalone lights with a built-in lamp in your ceiling fan.

4: Summer and Winter Solution

What if we told you that ceiling fans were helpful both in the Summer and in the Winter? Would you believe us? Ceiling fans running in a counter-clockwise direction can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler than they are, but ceiling fans spinning clockwise can actually help a room feel warmer in Winter. Clockwise rotation pushes the warmed air near the ceiling back down into the room, whilst winding all the cool air up and out of the space.

5: Versatile and Flexible

Ceiling fans can be placed in just about any room of the house – there are no restrictions! If you garage needs a little extra circulation, or things get a bit heated in the kitchen, you can install a ceiling fan. Bedroom too stuffy? Home office a bit dark and dank? Transform any of your living spaces with a ceiling fan, bringing fresh air and life into the room quickly and easily.

6: White Noise Wonder

A whole whack of people around the world have realised the helpfulness of ceiling fans when it comes to creating white noise. White noise refers to those sounds that drown out other sounds which might disturb you, particularly when you are trying to sleep. For example, rain,

7: Mosquitoes and Flies

Another unexpected benefit of ceiling fans is the role they play in repelling small pests while we are sleeping peacefully. During Summer, mosquitoes and flies run amok and disturb us and our pets during stifling Summer slumbers. Ceiling fans create concentric waves in the air that inhibit flies and mosquitoes from flying effectively, and thus stop them from biting you and coming to res on your cheek.

We promised that ceiling fans were more than met the eye, and we think we have delivered on that promise. What do you think? Check out our blog for more inspiration and helpful tips! And be sure to contact us should you have any queries or requests.