How to Build A Novelty Ceiling Fan for Your Kids

So, you are looking to create a fun ceiling fan for your children, but you’re not too sure who can help you, and how your fun fan will look once it is made up. Fortunately, Solent Trading have a dedicated digital process for you to build your novelty ceiling fan, and get a good feel for the finished product before it arrives. With Solent, you can create an eye-catching ceiling fan that your toddlers and children will adore!

Novelty Ceiling Fan

Step 1: Head to Novelty Fans Page

Of course, your first step is to head to our Novelty Fans page, where we have a digital form that allows you to build your ideal novelty ceiling fan from scratch. You can customise just about everything about your fan, so you know your little one will go absolutely nuts for it. Novelty ceiling fans are great for kids as they add an element of interests and excitement to their bedrooms or playrooms, and we all know how visual children are.

Step 2: Select Your Aesthetic Elements

Next, you will select the aesthetic elements of your novelty ceiling fan, building it from the motor right up to motor colour, number of blades, and blade design. Simply start by selecting the Novelty – High Breeze fan motor and work your way through the colour options, ticking the boxes as you go.

Step 3: Chose the Electrical and Physical Components

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your ceiling fan, you then select the regulators, remotes, light kits and down rods that you think will best suit your child’s room. Novelty ceiling fans can be built with and without a light kit, and with a varying length in down rod, from 230mm to 6m!

Step 4: Select Quantity

If you are building a novelty ceiling fan for more than one of your kids, then you can simply increase the quantity of ceiling fans at the bottom of the Novelty Fans page. If you only want one ceiling fan, leave this value alone. Once you are satisfied with the quantity, you can move on to the next step.

Step 5: Add to Cart

Once your novelty ceiling fan is built up, you simply click Add to Cart at the bottom right of the Novelty Fans page. This redirects you to a screen which displays your order, detailing all the parts you have selected, and a summary of the total cost. You can choose to continue shopping or…

Step 6: Checkout

If you are satisfied with your order, you can click Checkout and follow the prompts to set up your shipping address. Fill in your address details from Country right down to house number, and your personal details as well. Click next, and proceed to enter your payment details!

Step 7: Wait for Your Novelty Ceiling Fan

Now that your Solent ceiling fan is ordered, all that’s left for you to do is wait for it to arrive, have a Solent professional install it, and enjoy the cooling effect and wonderment in your children’s eyes.

Contact us should you have any queries about our ordering process or any of our fantastic cooling solutions. Be sure to browse our blog for more inspiration and helpful tips for ceiling fan owners.