Ceiling Fan Installation Health & Safety Tips

A ceiling fan is one of the most basic requirements and necessities for keeping cool in the world. Especially in warm countries, it is impossible to imagine residential places as well as commercial buildings without ceiling fans. But if one is not careful during the installation process, then the functionality and benefits of a ceiling fan may be impacted.

Minimise Ceiling Fan Installation Risk with These 4 Tips

In this blog, Solent Online brings you a list of ceiling fan health and safety tips.

Measure the Distance from the Floor

Where to install a ceiling fan is an important decision. Fan blades should be no closer than seven feet from the floor. For maximum efficiency, the fan should be set around eight to nine feet above the floor. Fans with low profiles are available for ceilings that are lower than eight feet. As well, fans should be at least 18 inches away from walls and doors to prevent blades from hitting.

Be Wary of a Lack of Support

One of the biggest hazards of ceiling fans is that they can break free from the ceiling if they’re not installed properly.  Every ceiling fan should be supported by an electrical, purpose-designed junction box. Never exceed the maximum wattage of the fixture. Be sure that the junction box you are using can support the weight of the ceiling fan. If installing a heavy ceiling fan, the hardware should always be mounted to the ceiling joists. A fan brace box must also be used to keep it secure. Don’t be tempted to simply install a ceiling fan where a lighting fixture once hung without upgrading these boxes. It can lead to the fan falling.

Avoid Poor-Quality Assembly

Misaligned fan blades can cause fans to wobble. The biggest risk with a wobbly fan is its light fixture covers or shades loosening and falling. This misalignment can be caused by warping or bent or loose blades. To ensure your fan is safe and not wobbling, each blade should be securely attached with screws and tightened, prior to installation.

Do it Yourself  – or Hire a Professional

People often face the question of whether they should install the ceiling fan on their own or hire a professional for the job. There are many who do it themselves but they often have more knowledge than others and may take help from someone. However, hiring a professional can help you get the maximum out of the fan. Thus it is better if you look for a professional to do the job for you and if you do DIY then these safety tips are for you:

  • If you are inexperienced in electrical wiring or light fixture installation, always contact a licensed electrician.
  • Remember to shut off power to the circuit before attempting removal of an existing fixture or fixture installation. NEVER attempt to replace a fixture while the wire is “hot.”
  • Always have a partner to assist you in mounting the fixture. Typically, one person needs to hold the fixture up while the other wires it, especially if the fixture is heavy.
  • Be sure to read the package instructions thoroughly before attempting assembly.
  • Always follow your local codes concerning light fixture placement and installation.

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