Get Your Ceiling Fan Summer Ready!

Ceiling fans are a must have for every home, restaurant and office in summer. The weather can get real harsh and having your ceiling fan in pristine working condition should be high on your list of priorities. A well working fan means total comfort for you and your family, lower energy bills and peaceful nights.

So here’s a list of what typically goes wrong with ceiling fans and how you can rectify the problem to get your fan back to tip top shape.

The 2 main problems that tend to creep in with ceiling fans after some time are wobbling and noise.

How to fix a wobbling fan?

Probably the most common problem with a ceiling fan is that over time it begins to “wobble,” that is, it shakes a little side to side as its spinning. This is usually a problem with wood blade fans and is caused by the weight of the blades not being exactly balanced, and then over time, the effect of this imbalance begins to cause the ceiling fan to wobble. The faster your fan spins, the more it wobbles.

The good news is that fixing a wobbling ceiling fan is a fairly easy task. It is basically a trial and error process of applying small test weights on the blades until the wobbling stops. Solent customers are welcome to send their fan back to use to be balanced or they can request an electrician to come out to them and fix the problem.  Either way, your problem will be solved and you can enjoy a wobble-free fan all summer.

If you have been unfortunate enough to buy a non-Solent fan and you are unable to stop the wobbling after attempting to balance the fan, then the next step is to remove the blades, and inspect them for warpage. If they are indeed warped, then you will most probably need a new fan.

How to fix a noisy fan?

There can be several potential causes of a noisy ceiling fan. Sometimes it can be because some part of it has come loose (light kit, motor screws, blade screws, etc.) And this can be remedied by tightening up the affected pieces.

Solent offers all its customers a reliable after sales back up service, so if you ever have any issues that you personally cannot sort out, give Solent a call and they will get an electrician out to you to fix the problem.