How to Take Care of a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Uncomfortable summer nights can be annoying at the best of times; now add in the constant sounds of a wobbly ceiling fan. Thankfully, Solent is here to offer a few things for you to try to stop the wobbling and finally get a good night’s sleep.

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5 Tips on Taking Care of a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

At Solent, we value our customers and don’t want you spending unnecessary money on something you can fix yourself, which is why we are sharing a few wobbly ceiling fan repair tips in this blog for you to try before you call us. Before you spend unnecessary money on calling a professional, let us try help you solve the problem yourself.

1. Tighten the Screws

This is a common cause for a wobbly ceiling fan in most home and is a super easy, quick fix. The first thing you will want to do is loosen the screw of the canopy cover so that you have access to the mounting bracket. You will then need a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the mounting bracket and outlet box.

Next, you will be working with the down rod, which is the rod that connects the fan to the ceiling. You will need to tighten those screws and check that all pins are in their correct place.

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2. Balance the Blades

If the tightening of screws didn’t work, another thing you can do to prevent a fan from wobbling is to check that the fan’s blades are securely attached to the motor house and equally balanced; you may notice that one or two blade holders are bent, you can easily correct that by gently pushing them up or down to resemble the others.

When ensuring that all blades are equal, take a tape measure and measure their distance from the ceiling. Blades that do not conform can be readjusted as previously mentioned.

Once these steps have been conducted, you can turn your fan on to confirm that the wobbling of the fan has stopped- easy!

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Hopefully, you have managed to have solved the problem of your wobbling ceiling fan and can now get a quiet night’s rest. However, if you are still battling to repair your ceiling fan, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. If you are needing fan repairs or a replacement, Solent is a reliable, reputable provider that you can count on for the best service, quality and prices.

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