Why You Should Invest in Solent Ceiling Fans

Not all ceiling fans are created equal – some providers simply carry superior stock to others. We don’t want to overshadow the competition, but Solent Trading offers some seriously stylish and efficient cooling solutions that will serve you for many years to come. Want to find out just how fantastic Solent ceiling fans are? Keep reading…

Solent Ceiling Fan in Bedroom

We Don’t Just Sell Cooling Solutions

Our ceiling fans don’t just bring cool air into your space, they bring an unmistakable comfort and calmness to your living space and provide you with effective yet efficient cooling that doesn’t harm the environment. Our handsome ceiling fans are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, using a mere fraction of the power that other cooling solutions use.

Amazing After-Sale Support

If your ceiling fan provider doesn’t offer you complete after-sale support, then are you really getting value for money and peace of mind? At Solent Trading, we like our customers to know that we will help them throughout the process and support them and their new ceiling fan as much as we can.
We have a bunch of resources available online to help our clients with FAQs, faulty fans and more.

Solent Warranty for Peace of Mind

Our ceiling fans come standard with a 3-year limited warranty to ensure that any error that may occur that lands on our hands, is dealt with efficiently and professionally. Any issues that occur with a motor or parts of the ceiling fan as a result of defect in material or workmanship are covered by our warranty and will be sorted out. Please refer to our Warranty for exact details.

Need Inspiration?

We can help inspire your choice of ceiling fan to suit your requirements, style and preferences. Our blog is regularly updated with tips, tricks and interesting articles about the cooling solutions industry and all of our wonderful ceiling fans at Solent.

Online Store

Ten years ago, would you have imagined that you could one day purchase a ceiling fan over the internet? That day has arrived, friends! Our online store is set up so you can select the ceiling fan of your dreams from the comfort of the space you want to cool.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your cooling requirements and how we can help you achieve a cool, calm and comfortable space in no time.