How to Know it’s Time to Replace Your Fan

A good ceiling fan determines your comfort factor and the energy efficiency of your home. Helping to circulate air for a cool breeze in summer or pull heat through a room in cooler months, it also helps to make a dent in your energy costs so long as it is functioning well. A poorly functioning fan, though, can represent an increase in expenses and present dangers to those in the room.

Solent reveals how to know when it's time to replace your ceiling fan.

Fix it or Toss it? How to Tell:

Solent Online has compiled the top tips on how to know when it is time to replace your ceiling fan. Here are the initial signs of a fan needing replacement:

  • Annoying buzzes that develop after a few years. This is due to either sub-standard capacitors or poor quality motor windings and laminates.
  • Wobbling – a properly installed fan should never wobble. This is a sign of an inferior hanging device or unbalanced blades.
  • Squeaky sound of the fan even after oiling.
  • Diminishing speed.
  • Recurring technical issues even after a professional fix.

If you have an old fan and let a technician fix any technical glitch but found out later on that the same problem occurs, then a replacement will certainly be the best option.

When the Fan Refuses to Move at Normal Speeds

You should go for a ceiling fan repair if your fan appears not to be moving at normal speeds. This means the fan is no longer responding to different speed settings or it seems to be running slowly at the same speed despite changing the speed setting.

When the Fan is Off-Balance

If your fan is old, it may start rocking and seem to be unbalanced, especially when it is rotating. You will have to contact a certified electrician to have it evaluated for the likely cause of such issues. In some cases, the fan may not be properly secured because the installation is faulty. If you do not address the off-balance issue of your fan, you may put your life and the lives of your family members, friends, and visitors at risk. Do not leave your ceiling fan off-balance for too long.

When the Light Fixtures Stop Working – Despite Replacing Them with New Ones

The issue of electrical fixtures not working even after replacing them with new ones could be as a result of faulty wiring. Sometimes, the wiring may be in good condition but the fan itself is having serious issues. Once you identify where the problem emanates from and determine whether it needs repair or you need a new and more efficient replacement fan.

Find Your Dream Ceiling Fan Upgrade at Solent Online Today!

Ceiling fans are easily installed, instant improvements to most homes, but they require maintenance like anything else. If you are updating or redecorating a room one of the best ways to contribute to the makeover is to update the fan with a more stylish model.  If the fan you have is still working well a cheaper option is to change the blades or to add a light kit to it.  Since it provides such a focus to the room a new ceiling fan is a wise investment. Contact Solent Online for the best fan to improve your home.