16 Apr 2019

3 Reasons to Use Your Ceiling Fan in Cooler Months

Ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool during the hottest months of the year, however it seems a shame that when we invest in a fan, it is only for a short period of the
22 Mar 2019

3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Due to technology constantly evolving, it was only a matter of time before it found its way into our homes to assist in making our daily lives easier. Our team at Solent have compiled three ways to
13 Mar 2019

5 Tips for an Ideal Guest Bedroom

Designing a perfect bedroom for your guests can be a daunting and time-consuming task. There are so many options to consider, such as ‘how much decorating should I do?’ and ‘how can I ensure my guests will
25 Feb 2019

5 Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption in Your Home

Many homeowners have come to the point of accepting that the energy costs of their houses are a necessary, unavoidable evil. However, this is certainly not the case. Five Ways to Improve Energy-Efficiency In Your Home While
15 Feb 2019

Comparing The Least & Most Energy-Efficient Home Appliances

Energy savings are becoming a prime consideration for home owners today – both for environmental and financial reasons. Therefore, it’s worth knowing which of the many electrical appliances you run in your house on a regular basis
31 Jan 2019

7 Ceiling Fan Myths, Debunked

Ceiling fans seem to have a couple myths floating around about them, and we want to debunk some of these unfair statements! Ceiling fans have been around for ages, but do you know everything you need to
14 Jan 2019

Our Top Tips for Staying Cool during Summer

The Summer months are tough in South Africa and staying cool can be the ultimate feat that some are not prepared for. At Solent, we believe that cooling solutions should bring you comfort and relaxation, without causing
14 Dec 2018

How to Build A Novelty Ceiling Fan for Your Kids

So, you are looking to create a fun ceiling fan for your children, but you’re not too sure who can help you, and how your fun fan will look once it is made up. Fortunately, Solent Trading
1 Dec 2018

7 Unexpected Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just a traditional cooling solution, they are versatile and multi-functional appliances that can transform your living space. To help convince you, we at Solent Trading have put together this blog describing 7 unexpected
27 Nov 2018

Spruce Up Your Home For the Holidays

There’s only a few days to go before Father Christmas does his rounds again. During this time, we’ve no doubt you’ll be busy with plenty of family gatherings. After all, what is Christmas for if not to