13 Jul 2016

Edition 5 – Mounting locations, high ceilings & angled ceilings

Mounting Locations Ceiling fans are attached to the ceiling via a down rod, where a light fixture was formerly located. Strong support is required for all ceiling fans. Their heavy weight and rotation puts a strain on
27 Jun 2016

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: Edition 4 – Fan controls and light kits

Fan Controls Typically, the existing light switch is replaced with a controller that allows you to control your fan and lights. For your convenience, ceiling fans can now also be operated via remote control, be sure to
23 Jun 2016

Ceiling Fans Buying Guide: Edition 3 – Selecting fan blade sets, sweeps and finishes

Fan Blade Sets Fans can have from three, four or five blades.  The number of blades is purely for aesthetics and does not affect the air movement much but it does affect the cost. The number of
17 Jun 2016

Ceiling Fans Buying Guide: Edition 2 – Choosing the correct fan motors

What should I expect from a motor? Ceiling fan motors must be maintenance free and silent operating.  Solent has 5 ceiling fan ranges and they boast different motor and appeal to a different style requirement and design,
13 Jun 2016

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide, Part One

Did you know that ceiling fans are available in a wide array of styles, sweeps and finishes? With all the choices out there, buying a ceiling fan isn’t an easy undertaking – it can be daunting, in
6 Apr 2016

Selling Your Home? Install A Ceiling Fan, They Add Value.

If you’re preparing to sell your home in the near future, it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to increase the value of your home, especially taking into consideration that any improvement will most likely
4 Mar 2016

How ceiling fans have changed over the years

Do you remember spending the holiday’s at grandma’s house, sitting in front of the big black & white TV while you dug into your favourite food and was completely oblivious to the overhead noise being made by
1 Feb 2016

Beat The Heat This Summer

Ceiling fans, the unsung heroes of cooling! Looking for an effective to cool down this summer but can’t afford to spend a bucket load of cash? Why not opt for a ceiling fan to provide you with
16 Nov 2015

Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Energy (and Money)

  Summer is finally here, and you have probably had to put on the air conditioning a few times already. For some of us, that’s the beginning of a series of very big and scary electric bills. While
16 Sep 2015

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan This Spring

It’s springtime again—time to refresh and give the house a thorough cleaning. As you remove the clutter, scrub the floors, and polish everything in sight, you might want to clean your ceiling fan as well. At the