6 Apr 2016

Selling Your Home? Install A Ceiling Fan, They Add Value.

If you’re preparing to sell your home in the near future, it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to increase the value of your home, especially taking into consideration that any improvement will most likely
4 Mar 2016

How ceiling fans have changed over the years

Do you remember spending the holiday’s at grandma’s house, sitting in front of the big black & white TV while you dug into your favourite food and was completely oblivious to the overhead noise being made by
1 Feb 2016

Beat The Heat This Summer

Ceiling fans, the unsung heroes of cooling! Looking for an effective to cool down this summer but can’t afford to spend a bucket load of cash? Why not opt for a ceiling fan to provide you with
16 Nov 2015

Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Energy (and Money)

  Summer is finally here, and you have probably had to put on the air conditioning a few times already. For some of us, that’s the beginning of a series of very big and scary electric bills. While
16 Sep 2015

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan This Spring

It’s springtime again—time to refresh and give the house a thorough cleaning. As you remove the clutter, scrub the floors, and polish everything in sight, you might want to clean your ceiling fan as well. At the
31 Aug 2015

Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Ceiling Fan

With the rise in heating and cooling costs, ceiling fans are becoming more desirable and affordable. They not only help to cut down on utility bills but they look great in any room as well. If your
15 Jul 2015

The Hallmarks of a great fan

Ceiling fans get noticed, so make them noteworthy! A ceiling fan should have all the style and interest of a great pendant light. With this in mind Solent strives to combine simple elegant fans, quality engineering and quality
15 Jul 2015

Repurpose Your Old Ceiling Fan Blades

Ever looked at your old ceiling fan and wondered what you can do with the parts instead of just tossing them out? Well here’s a creative way to make use of the blades. Why not let giant
27 Mar 2015

The Difference between Aluminium & Wooden Blades

Home improvements, décor ideas, choosing appliances to go with your new décor, etc. can leave most people confused and out of options. We know how daunting this decision making process can be so we have put together
24 Oct 2014

Keep Cool and Save Money

When the temperature is on the rise, it is hard to remain comfortable inside your home without running up a huge electricity bill. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution other than investing in a new air conditioner