Repurposed Ceiling Fan Blade Angels

Did you know that you can make really cool angels from old repurposed ceiling fan blades?

Here’s some easy tips on how to pull this off:

  1. Cut off the tips of the ceiling fan blade so that there is still a good portion left.
  2. Keep the remaining part of the blade to make angel wings.
  3. Make a rough drawing on the blade of how you want the wings to look.
  4. Use a carpenter’s square to make the lines a little more precise, then cut two wings using a saw.
  5. Sand and paint the wings.
  6. You can use a spool of ribbon to make pretty dresses for the angels.
  7. Cut the ribbon into 4 short strips and 3 long strips of each colour, so that it staggers the length of the dresses.
  8. Hot glue the ribbon onto the back of the fan blade, and draped it over to the front of the wings.
  9. You can paint old lids white, and use them for the angels’ heads. Attach the lids to the top of the wings using a hot glue gun.
  10. Use a little bit of greenery to make some hair on the angels.  You can use some red, wire sprig, and make a collar and a halo for the angels, use hot glue to secure it into place.
  11. To stabilize the head and the body, you can use a paint stir stick – cut and hot glue it on the back of the wings and the back of the lids. Wrap another little bit of the red sprig around the paint stir stick to act as a hanger.

And here  you have your little ceiling fan blade angels.