The Importance of Fresh Air in the Time of Coronavirus

With so many crazy happenings in the world at the moment, you may be hiding out in your home waiting for it to pass. Whether you are loving it or hating it, is important to stop what you’re doing, be it your work or latest Netflix series, and go get some fresh air.

Woman standing outside with arms stretched out breathing deeply

4 Benefits of Fresh Air During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The importance of fresh air is often overlooked, especially in a time of lockdown, which is why we are sharing just 5 of the benefits you will experience simply by taking a bit of time in nature each day. Here are just 5 of the many benefits your body will experience when you get some fresh air.

Benefit of Fresh Air #1: You Will Be Physically Healthier

The most obvious benefit of fresh air is the improvement you will experience in your physical health. Whether you are walking, running or simply sitting in the sun, your body is benefitting. Sun exposure causes the production of Vitamin D, which protects your body against inflammation, lowers blood pressure and assists muscles. Walking and running will burn calories, strengthen your heart and ease joint pain that may come from sitting at a desk all day. Get up, get moving and enjoy the fresh air.

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Benefit of Fresh Air #2: Your Mood Will Improve

Have you found yourself irritable and frustrated all day? Nature has a free cure for that – fresh air! Removing yourself from your work environment, or even the spot you have been sitting it for a while, and going outside can instantly improve your mood. It is believed that the intake of fresh air in nature clears your head, helps organise your thoughts and helps you release the tension and frustration you are feeling. Sometimes all your need to do is step outside and take a few deep breaths of fresh air.

Benefit of Fresh Air #3: Fresh Air Encourages Improved Learning and an Increase in Creativity

Famous writers, like Stephen King, have confessed to running and walking regularly to boost creativity when working on new projects. Exposure to nature and the intake of fresh air is known to improve cognitive functioning and boost creativity- but why? It is believed that being outdoors amongst nature serves as a brain rebooter. It can be hard to think clearly when our minds are overloaded with the mental noise that accompanies daily life. Take a break, go for a walk, and let nature do its job in rewiring your brain.

Benefit of Fresh Air #4: Improved Mental Health

If you are someone who struggles with your mental health, getting your daily intake of fresh air can help you remain in control of your mind. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, going outside and breathing in fresh air is a proven way to remain in control of your mind. The better quality of air and opportunities to relax and exercise are just some of the reason’s researchers think fresh air is beneficial for those suffering from mental illnesses.

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