The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Home Summer-Ready

If you want to enjoy a cool, comfortable, and relaxed summer, you must make various tweaks and changes to your home in the run-up to the season, such as installing a ceiling fan.

Stay Cool and Comfortable This Summer

Don’t spend the hot months counting the days to autumn and winter- start prepping your property today to stay cool. To ensure you don’t make any mistakes that you’ll regret, read this ultimate guide on how to get your home summer-ready.

Solent Senorita ceiling fan

1. Install or Check Your Ceiling Fan

The summer sun can be more than a little intense at times. For this reason, you must turn your property into a sanctuary away from the heat by installing a ceiling fan. It will allow you to create a cool, comfortable environment for you and your family throughout the season.
If you have a ceiling fan, ensure that you check the blades are in good working order, as it may have stopped working, be stuck on one speed, or the pull cord might be broken. As a result, you may need to repair a fan or buy a new one.

There are, however, different ceiling blades to choose from to match your style, budget, and preference. For example, you can choose from:

  • Metal – fast rotation and a sleek design
  • Plastic – budget-friendly and easy to clean
  • Timber – a long lifespan

You also can choose ceiling fans with various blades, which can determine the coolness of the room. When you come to us, you can enjoy a 3-year warranty on your fan.

Also, don’t forget to place your ceiling fan in a counter-clockwise position to push air down and develop a strong draft. It will help you to get your home summer-ready.

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2. Deep Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Summer provides the perfect chance to spend more quality time with your nearest and dearest. While you might be eager to light up a BBQ or invite friends over for an alfresco dinner party, you must make sure your furniture is up to the challenge.

Ensure your outdoor dining table and chairs are sparkling by scrubbing them with clean, soapy water using either a sponge or brush. Once you have done so, remove excess suds by spraying the furniture with a garden hose and leaving it to dry under direct sunlight, if possible.

3. Make Your Windows Sparkle

Direct sunlight cannot only warm-up your home, but it can reveal a variety of blemishes on your windows. It’s also possible that a build-up of dirt can prevent you from creating a brighter space to enjoy during the summer months.

To get your home summer-ready, you should aim to wash your windows like a pro by mixing one-part hot water with one-part distilled vinegar. Next, dip a sponge into the solution and clean your windows. It might also help to run a microfibre cloth over your windows to ensure they’re sparkling clean and streak-free.

Contact Us to Get Your Home Summer-Ready

Ensure that your home is ready for the long summer months today. Contact us here at Solent to install a high-quality ceiling fan in your home, such as the High Breeze 100, Whirlwind, or Senorita.

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