Our Top Tips for Staying Cool during Summer

The Summer months are tough in South Africa and staying cool can be the ultimate feat that some are not prepared for. At Solent, we believe that cooling solutions should bring you comfort and relaxation, without causing damage to the environment. Keeping this in mind, we have created this blog full of tips for staying cool to help you get a good night’s rest during the warmer months.

Start with Suitable Sheets

First things first, switch out your sheets for cotton and linen alternatives. These textiles are much more breathable and cooling during Summer. Light colours are also beneficial during the day as they are less likely to absorb the heat from sunlight!

Pick the Right Pyjamas

Next up is sleepwear – you are going to want to find some soft and loose cotton shirts and shorts, or underwear, to sleep in during Summer. Going nude altogether can be cooling, but it really depends onn the person: some say they are cooler without clothing, whilst some feel that an absence of sleepwear means sweat goes unabsorbed.

Set Ceiling Fans to Counter-Clockwise

During Summer, it is best to have your ceiling fans set to anti-clockwise, as this pushes cooler air down and throughout the room. The wind chill effect of ceiling fans makes them ideal for keeping cool during Summer without consuming vast amounts of energy.

Learn more about the direction of your ceiling fan, right here.

Capitalise on Cross-Breezes

It is imperative to create cross-breezes throughout your home during the Summer. Combine open windows and doors with ceiling fans to create airflow and fresh breezes throughout the space.

Don’t forget that a single open window into an otherwise closed room is severely ineffective. The warm air inside leaves no space for fresh air to enter. Open another window or door across the room to allow a breeze to be pulled in via air pressure.

Indulge in Cold Showers

Forget the hot water – and the geyser bill! A cold shower helps to reduce your core body temperature, which will help you to feel cooler and more comfortable before bed, or your next activity. A hot shower may generate more sweat than it washes away!

Serve Heat-Free Suppers

Now is the best time to experiment with uncooked meals, cold soups, and interesting salads! Get creative in the kitchen whilst foregoing the oven, as this generates far more heat than is necessary on a thirty-something degree day. If you feel the need to cook hot food, consider a barbecue for a healthier outdoor option!

Combine Aircons with Ceiling Fans

We highly recommend combining your aircon use with ceiling fans, to create a highly effective and more energy efficient cooling solution. Aircons are notorious for consuming huge amounts of electricity, whilst ceiling fans are lauded for their minimal consumption.

There are two techniques to try:

  • Set the aircon nice and cold for an hour, then turn it off and set your ceiling fan high, to circulate the cooled air.
  • Set the aircon at a lower speed and higher temperature than you normally would and put the ceiling fan on. The fan creates a wind chill effect that makes you feel up to 8 degrees cooler. This will create a lovely cool space.

Unplug Unused Items

Electronics and small appliances generate heat when they are plugged in, even when they are switched off. Unplug your unused appliances and electronics to reduce the amount of ambient heat in your living spaces and save energy too.

Stay Hydrated

It goes without saying that your body’s secret weapon to surviving the hotter months is a lot of hydration. With a lot more sweating going on, your body needs to replenish its resources to keep you healthy. Don’t forget to take our water bottle with you everywhere you go.

In Need of Effective Cooling Solutions?

Never fear, for Solent is here. We have a selection of ceiling fans that you can browse and buy online in just a few clicks! These energy efficient alternatives are not to be overlooked when it comes to preparing for Summer. Contact us today to chat about how we can help keep you comfortable.