Most modern homes – especially in hot and humid climates like the KwaZulu-Natal coast – are using air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable in summer. Yet the humble ceiling fan still has many benefits. In fact, a ceiling fan can be a better option than an air conditioner in a variety of ways. Solent looks at five ways in which ceiling fans trump air cons.

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Why You Should Choose Ceiling Fans Over an Air Con

Summer is almost here, which means your cooling system needs to be up to the task of keeping your family cool during the hot and humid months to come. If you are thinking of buying a new cooling solution, and are torn between fans and air cons, consider the following five benefits that the former can offer you.

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1. Ceiling Fans Are More Affordable

Ceiling fans are cheaper than air cons in terms of both initial and running costs. Aside from have a lower price tag, they also use far less energy than air cons. In fact, even using a fan and an air conditioner together will lead to savings, causing the AC to run more efficiently as the fans help to circulate the cool air.

2. Ceiling Fans Are Easy to Clean And Maintain

Cleaning a ceiling fan when dirt and grime builds up in the blades is a simple matter of wiping them down with warm, soapy water. Air conditioners, on the other hand, require a proper care plan that usually needs to be planned and executed with the help of an installer or air con maintenance expert. You need to remove the front of the unit and replace filters regularly and a really deep cleaning to get rid of mould and other pollutants will require you to call out a professional.

3. Ceiling Fans Blend in with – And Enhance – Your Décor

Ceiling fans are not just functional items like air conditioners are. There is not much you can do to make an air con unit look like an appealing part of your décor, or to match your design and colour scheme. On the other hand, ceiling fans come a wide range of designs to suit all tastes. Once installed, your ceiling fans become an integral part of your interior decorating.

4. Ceiling Fans Are a Healthier Option

Air conditioners have a reputation for carrying and distributing all kinds of germs and spores that can lead to health problems for your family. This is not a problem with fans – they simply circulate the air around the room – eventually moving it out through open doors and windows. Fresh, healthy air is thus enabled to move freely through your home.

5. Ceiling Fans Provide Better Air Quality

Aside from not filling your rooms with germ-infested air, fans also do not emit any gases or other pollutants that are often associated with air conditioners. This helps to lower your carbon footprint and vastly improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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